Flowers for events

Every year, we aim to choose a limited number of weddings, locally or destination weddings, the reason behind it being to focus on each event to the tiniest detail. Don't even bother to doubt it, we are one hundred percent documented, ready to take in charge any of your desires on floral design. From any shape of bouquets to large-scale floral installations, accessories and any other eccentricities you dream of, we will make sure you have your dream wedding, if not better. The style that best defines us is garden style, and most of our weddings follow this style, but we embrace any creative and innovative requests and ideas. For more information about weddings or events, please contact us.

Floral installations

The place where our imagination is set free and transforms into reality. The place where our deepest creative desires and soulful thoughts shape into a botanical form of art, to please the eyes and heart of our community. If you are planning a beautiful project and would like to collaborate, we kindly invite you to contact us.

Workshops for florists

Each year we are planning a series of workshops, both individual and group sessions, where we share our knowledge and passion for floral design. For one-on-one sessions, you can contact us privately. The schedule for group workshops can be found below: